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How to setup PyCharm for Talon

Apply for professional account

In order to register for a professional account use please go to:

Apply: alt text

Download PyCharm Professional

Go to:

Press Download: alt text

Choose Professional version [in this example I have use Linux. For Windows or Mac will be slightly different]: alt text

Install PyCharm:

Follow normal installation instruction

Fisrt time setup:

Skip Remaining and Set Defaults alt text

Welcome to PyCharm alt text

Go to Settings alt text

Now click on Project Interpreter alt text

Click on right wheel alt text

Add… alt text

SSH Interpreter alt text

New server configuration: enter Talon Vis node address: alt text

Asks for Connecting To Remote Host: Accept [It might ask for your password instead] alt text

It mgiht also ask you to enter password of your JetBrain account. You created this account earlier. [Make sure to enter password for that account] alt text

Default remote interpreter: alt text

Brows to add a new interpreter: alt text

Enter path of Talon Python interpreter: alt text

Set path interpreter: alt text

Path Interpreter should look like this now: alt text

Project Interpreter should look like this now: alt text

Need to wait for a while to finish: alt text

Test with creating a new project

Create New Project alt text

Select Pure Python Choose preffered name of project. In this case is test Now we need to set interpreter: alt text

Click Project Interpreter > Existing Interpreter: In Remote project location make sure add the path on Talon where you want your project to be! alt text

Wait for some time: alt text

If no folder is created wiht project name in Talon, PyCharm will create it for you.

Create Python file: alt text

Name your python test file: alt text

File uploaded to Talon when it’s created: alt text

Write a print(“Hello world!”) in python file. When save the file it will automatichally save it to Talon: alt text

To run the Python file: alt text

Python file will run on Talon and show results just like it’s locally: alt text

To see files on Talon in PyCharm click Remote Host on right side: alt text