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Talon3 supports OS level virtualization (containers).

Currently, Talon3 supports Singularity to run containers.

Using Singularity

Talon3 has Singularity version 3.6 installed.

To use singulartiy on Talon, first you MUST load the module

module load singularity/3.6

Building a container

Users can set up Singularity on thier own workstation and create an container as a SIF image.

The container can be used to run as a job on Talon.

Talon3 supported containers

There are Talon3 supported containers for users located at /storage/scratch2/share/containers
Talon3 supported containers:

  • biogrinder

Example container job

module load singularity/3.6

Pulling ubuntu image from dockerhub

singularity pull docker://ubuntu:20.04

Running container

singularity exec --bind /storage/scratch2/$USER:/storage/scratch2/$USER,/home/$USER/:/home/$USER/ -e ubuntu_20.04.sif python