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SSH Terminal Easy Configuration

Connecting from a Windows Computer

If you are using a Windows OS personal computer, you will need to download a SSH client application that supports SSH-2 protocol.

Examples of these SSH client programs you can freely download are PuTTY, OpenSSH, Cygwin/X, and SecureCRT

You can also use other terminal approaches like using Windows Subsytem for Linux. This will allow you to run a Linux environment from inside your Windows OS. You can then, for example, the Ubuntu app from the Microsoft Store.

Once you have installed a SSH client app, you can connect to Talon3 by entering in the Hostname of the login Talon3 nodes:

Connecting from a Mac or Linux Computer

If you are logging from a Linux or Mac personal computer, make sure it has an SSH client (ssh, openssh, etc.) installed. Then access Talon3 by opening a Terminal application.

If you never used SSH before this is a helpful example.

Or if you don’t know if you have SSH installed on your system, click here for Mac and here for Linux

Examples of using termainal apps


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