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Tutorials and Worksops Talon HPC


This is where we will post tutorials and workshops regarding Talon HPC

Please check our tutorials dedicated GitHub Repository:

Introduction course to R

Created by Jonathan Starkweather from Data Science & Analytics


Using Rstudio on Talon3

A video tutorial from Rich Herrington from Data Science & Analystics


Find New Sentiments in Text Data

march 03, 2020 | University of North Texas DP F223

Presented by George Mihaila

Using text embedding and clustering methods to find new sentiments in text data.

Use imdb movie reviews dataset and see how positive-negative sentiments can be used to find other sentiments. Use Tensorflow 2, Word Embeddings, Contextual Embeddings. We’ll do clustering and find best number of cluster in data we don’t know anything about. We’ll do pretty plots to interpret results! We’ll do all this on our UNT Talon Supercomputer!

Presentation | Materials

Intro to Word Embeddings - NLP Tools on Talon

may 2, 2019 | University of North Texas DP F223

Presented by George Mihaila

Natural Language Processing on Talon HPC

Ever wondered or curious about natural language processing? How do you load a text file, how do you ‘clean’ it, how do you make use of it? We will learn all that and at the end you will build a Neural Network model that can predict a sentiment of a Movie Review. All this on Talon!

Presentation | Materials

Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks on Talon

may 1, 2019 | University of North Texas DP F223

Presented by George Mihaila

Hands on work on Talon UNT HPC

This workshop will go over some basic instruction about Python and Jupyter Notebooks. We will learn how to see what libraries we have available and how to install your own.Learn how to create a virtual environment, and most exciting build a simple Neural Network model to predict diabetes! All this on Talon!

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Machine Learning - Neural Networks on Talon

november 30, 2018 | University of North Texas GAB 535

Presented by George Mihaila

What are Neural Networks, and why everyone is talking about them?

This workshop is meant to give a general overview of why Neural Networks and Deep Learning are getting so much attention and help shed some light on how they work and what applications are possible because of them.

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