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Talon3 file management

Transferring files

To/From Windows computer

To transfer files with a Windows machine, you will need an SFTP/SCP client software such as WinSCP or Cyberduck installed. When you download a client application, the application will require you to connect to Talon 3 ( Once logged in, you can use the file transfer window within the program to drag and drop files between local (your personal computer) and remote (Talon 3) machines.

To/From Mac/Linux computer

To transfer files to and from a cluster on a Linux/Mac machine, you may use the terminal application and the secure copy (scp) command or secure file transfer protocol (sftp). The following is an example of uploading a file foo.f to Talon 3 from your local machine:

scp foo.f

You can download files from Talon3 to your local machine.

scp ./

To recursively copy an entire directory foo from inside directory project_foo in your home directory on Talon 3 to the current working directory on localhost, use the following command:

scp -rp ./

Using rclone with OneDrive


We are still working on updating our docs! Check back for more information! Please email for your questions!